Anna Rosa Borgatti

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Dietary fatty acid incorporation and changes in various lipid and phospholipid classes in the mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis subjected to three different dietary regimens were analysed and(More)
In vivo and in vitro experiments elicited different responses to ammonia nitrogen (ammonia-N) of gill and mantle Na,K-ATPase and ouabain-insensitive Na-ATPase activities in the Philippine clam Tapes(More)
Soft body tissue and gill and mantle microsomal membranes of Mytilus galloprovincialis, were analyzed to assess geographical and temporal effects on fatty acid distribution with special focus on n-3(More)
Organotin effects on the Na-dependent ATPases involved in ionic regulation of aquatic animals are poorly known, in spite of the largely documented contamination of seafood, especially bivalve(More)
Tri-n-butyltin (TBT) has long been considered as the most toxic among organotins, especially to membrane systems. The partially dealkylated derivative di-n-butyltin (DBT) has up to now received poor(More)
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