Anna Rodziewicz

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Keratinolytic microorganisms have become the subject of scientific interest due to their ability to biosynthesize specific keratinases and their prospective application in keratinic waste management. Among several bacterial classes, actinobacteria remain one of the most important sources of keratin-degrading strains, however members of the Micrococcaceae(More)
Keratinolytic abilities of Bacillus polymyxa B20 and B. cereus B5esz were evaluated in liquid cultures in mineral media containing chicken feathers. Both tested strains were capable of effective liquefying and biodegradation of feather keratin, up to 56.5 – 72.1% in ten-day cultures, releasing considerable amounts of hydrolysis products. Tested bacteria(More)
BACKGROUND Extensive quantities of keratinic by-products are disposed annually by animal-processing industry, causing a mounting ecological problem due to extreme resilience of these materials to enzymatic breakdown. There is a growing trend to apply cheap and environment-friendly methods to recycle keratinic wastes. Soil bacteria of profound keratinolytic(More)
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