Anna Rita Sicuri

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A simple measuring system for early detection of haemolysis during haemodialysis is proposed. The developed measuring system performs an optical absorption spectroscopy analysis of the dialysis fluid in order to estimate the free haemoglobin concentration in the blood returned to the patient-the potential cause of injury for the patient. The integration of(More)
The roles of flavin-containing monooxygenases (FMOs) in the oxidation of seleno-l-methionine (SeMet) to l-methionine selenoxide (MetSeO) were investigated using cDNA-expressed human FMOs, purified rat liver FMOs, and rat liver microsomes. MetSeO and the N-2,4-dinitrophenyl-derivatives of SeMet and MetSeO were synthesized and characterized by 1H-NMR and(More)
Suspensions of renal cells from rats and renal mitochondria from rats and mice were used to assess the sex and species dependence of acute toxicity due to perchloroethylene (Perc) and its glutathione conjugate S-(1,2,2-trichlorovinyl)glutathione (TCVG). A marked sex dependence in the acute cytotoxicity of both Perc and TCVG was observed: Perc caused(More)
Recently, S-(purin-6-yl)-L-cysteine (GC) was shown to be a kidney-selective prodrug of 6-mercaptopurine. In the present study, for further development of kidney-selective chemotherapeutic agents, GC was synthesized, and its metabolism was examined in the rat by cysteine conjugate beta-lyase (beta-lyase) to yield the antitumor and immunosuppressant drug,(More)
Perchloroethylene (Per)-induced nephrotoxicity and nephrocarcinogenicity have been associated with metabolism by the glutathione (GSH) conjugation pathway to form S-(1,2,2-trichlorovinyl)glutathione (TCVG). Formation of TCVG was determined in incubations of Per and GSH with isolated renal cortical cells and hepatocytes from male and female Fischer 344 rats(More)
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