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Apart from a single record in a shark, there have been no published studies conducted on Giardia genotypes in fish. The present study investigated the prevalence of Giardia in cultured fingerlings (n=227), wild freshwater (n=227) and wild marine/estuarine species (n=255) of fish in Western Australia by PCR amplification at the 18S rRNA, glutamate(More)
The processes of conducting and reading interviews are important in phenomenographic research, as well as other qualitative research orientations making significant contributions in higher education research and development. This paper aims to contribute to an ongoing conversation about the quality of research in higher education by exploring the interview,(More)
Our recent research investigated the experiences of educators teaching statistics as service courses at universities. We conducted interviews by email with participants from many countries and whose teaching reflects diverse settings, student groups and disciplines—a microcosm of higher education today. We now focus on the tools, artefacts and resources(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to examine the role of complementary and alternative medical (CAM) practitioners in integrative practices where general practitioners (GPs) and CAM practitioners were co-located. DESIGN This study used grounded theory, a qualitative methodology from the interpretive paradigm. SETTING A total of 23 integrative(More)
The main role of assessment is to support learning, and any view of assessment implies a corresponding view of learning. Research on students' conceptions of statistics, learning in statistics and assessment, suggests that there is a clear variation from narrow to broad views. Another dimension is students' perceptions of their future professional roles and(More)
In this paper, we report on an international study of undergraduate mathematics students_ conceptions of mathematics. Almost 1,200 students in five countries completed a short survey including three open-ended questions asking about their views of mathematics and its role in their future studies and planned professions. Responses were analysed starting from(More)