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Future optical data transmission modules will require the integration of more than 10,000 x 10,000 input and output channels to increase data transmission rates and capacity. This level of integration, which greatly exceeds that of a conventional diffraction-limited photonic integrated circuit, will require the use of waveguides with a mode confinement(More)
Military personnel, airplane pilots, and bus drivers often operate in stressful conditions when something unexpected can happen and cause dangerous consequences if they do not respond properly. Additionally, stress adversely affects human decision making abilities, therefore prompt, preferably real-time detection of fear is very important. Based on previous(More)
Field-induced guiding (FIG) has been known for several decades. Many advanced optical FIG devices (light modulators, splitters, scanners, etc.) were proposed, but due to high fabrication cost and/or high operation voltages they were considered impractical. For the first time to our knowledge we propose to use electro-optic (EO) polymers for the fabrication(More)
While the problem to find needed information on the Web is being solved by the major search engines, access to the information in large text documents (e-books, conference proceedings, product manuals, etc) is still very rudimentary. Thus, keyword-search is often the only way to find the needle in the haystack. There is abundance of relevant research(More)
For at least a decade, WWW, large enterprises, and desktop users suffer from an inability to efficiently access and manage their data. To help automate different aspects of this challenging problem many solutions have been proposed in both academic and industrial research. One of them - UFO Repository, introduced in [5] is currently gaining momentum by(More)
Large scale text mining research, informally called Big text is a crucial part of Big data agenda that recently started gaining momentum [24]. It targets new technologies to manage large amounts of unstructured textual data in order to quickly find an retrieve needed information. In medical domain fast access to information is especially important.(More)
Electro-optic polymers have unique photonic, electro-optic and mechanical properties that make them attractive to use in a wide range of devices starting from ultra-high bandwidth light modulators for optical communications to miniature low power components for on-chip optical interconnects. The main building blocks of those devices are optical waveguides,(More)