Anna Puig-Centelles

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In this paper we generalize the Continuous Adversarial Queuing Theory (CAQT) model (Blesa et al. by considering the possibility that the router clocks in the network are not synchronized. We name the new model Non Synchronized CAQT (NSCAQT). Clearly, this new extension to the model only affects those scheduling policies that use some form of timing. In a(More)
P2P systems are designed for the sharing of computer resources by direct exchange and they are characterized by their ability to adapt to failures and accommodate transient populations of peers while maintaining acceptable connectivity and performance. This paper examines the peer-to-peer file sharing infrastructure by focusing on a content delivery system:(More)
Nowadays, applications such as scientific simulations, virtual reality or computer games are increasing the detail of their environments with the aim of offering more realism. Terrain is a very important element in these outdoor scenarios. Artists are currently requiring a higher level of customization. In this sense, the objective of the work presented in(More)