Anna Puig-Centelles

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Realistic outdoor scenarios often include rain and other atmospheric phenomena, which are difficult to simulate in real time. In the field of real-time applications, a number of solutions have been proposed which offer realistic but costly rain systems. Our proposal consists in developing a solution to facilitate the creation and control of rain scenes and(More)
In this paper we generalize the Continuous Adversarial Queuing Theory (CAQT) model (Blesa et al. in MFCS, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 3618, pp. 144–155, 2005) by considering the possibility that the router clocks in the network are not synchronized. We name the new model Non Synchronized CAQT (NSCAQT). Clearly, this new extension to the model(More)
Modeling and rendering realistic ocean scenes have been thoroughly investigated for many years. Its appearance has been studied and it is possible to find very detailed simulations where a high degree of realism is achieved. Nevertheless, among the solutions to ocean rendering, real-time management of the huge heightmaps that are necessary for rendering an(More)
Rain is a complex phenomenon and its simulation is usually very costly. In this article, the authors propose a fully-GPU rain simulation based on the utilization of particle systems. The flexibility of CUDA allows the authors to include, aside from the rainfall simulation, a system for the detection and handling of the collisions of particles against the(More)