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The Scottish Enlightenment and the French Revolution
Historians of ideas have traditionally discussed the significance of the French Revolution through the prism of several major interpretations, including the commentaries of Burke, Tocqueville andExpand
Théodore Flournoy on synesthetic personification
ABSTRACT In 1893, Théodore Flournoy published a landmark book on synesthesia — Des phénomènes de synopsie [Of Synoptic Phenomena]. The book presented a pioneering chapter on synestheticExpand
Stimulus-parity synaesthesia (1893, 2014): Introducing a ‘forgotten’ subtype
When an individual with synaesthesia listens to a piece of music, she may see the notes as a kaleidoscope of colours dancing before her eyes, feel each note brushing against her skin, and swirl theExpand
James Mill's treatment of religion and the History of British India
James Mill's History of British India’ (1817) played a major role in re-shaping the English policy and attitudes in India throughout the nineteenth century. This article questions the widely heldExpand
Stimulus-parity synaesthesia versus stimulus-dichotomy synaesthesia: Odd, even or something else?
In stimulus-parity synaesthesia, a range of stimuli—for example, letters, numbers, weekdays, months, and colours (the inducers)—elicit an automatic feeling of oddness or evenness (the concurrent).Expand
“Un Impérialiste Libéral”? Jean-Baptiste Say on Colonies and the Extra-European World
Jean-Baptiste Say is remembered as the father of French economic liberalism and as the origin of a long line of French writers who opposed colonization on the basis of free-trade arguments. ThisExpand
Letters of Sidney
Book Review
Abstract Nojumi, Neamatollah The Rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan: Mass Mobilization, Civil War, and the Future of the Region New York: Palgrave 260 pp., $65.00 cloth; $18.95 paper ISBN 0312294026Expand
Introduction: Millar and his circle
ABSTRACT This essay examines two anonymous pamphlets that have sometimes been attributed to John Millar: the ‘Letters of Sidney’, and the ‘Letters of Crito’, both published in 1796 by the ScotsExpand