Anna Plantinga

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We estimated local ancestry on the autosomes and X chromosome in a large US-based study of 12,793 Hispanic/Latino individuals using the RFMix method, and we compared different reference panels and approaches to local ancestry estimation on the X chromosome by means of Mendelian inconsistency rates as a proxy for accuracy. We developed a novel and(More)
A new blocking enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for detection of mumps virus (MuV) specific antibodies in large numbers of human serum samples was developed. The blocking ELISA is based on the reaction of MuV-specific, conjugated monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) with immobilized virus antigen, that has previously been incubated with a two-fold dilution(More)
In 1984, the Health Council of the Netherlands advised that a new vaccination strategy against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) should be initiated. The use of a combined MMR vaccine, to be given at 14 months and 9 years of age was recommended. An analysis of this strategy based on mathematical models, predicted that rubella and mumps and very probably(More)
Platelets play an essential role in hemostasis and thrombosis. We performed a genome-wide association study of platelet count in 12,491 participants of the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos by using a mixed-model method that accounts for admixture and family relationships. We discovered and replicated associations with five genes (ACTN1,(More)
In the Netherlands, prepubertal girls have been vaccinated against rubella since 1974 (the UK strategy). Recently the Dutch Health Council advocated the introduction of an elimination strategy: vaccination of 1- and 9-year-old children. Dynamic effects of both strategies are studied using deterministic and stochastic models. Estimates of several(More)
BACKGROUND Community-level analysis of the human microbiota has culminated in the discovery of relationships between overall shifts in the microbiota and a wide range of diseases and conditions. However, existing work has primarily focused on analysis of relatively simple dichotomous or quantitative outcomes, for example, disease status or biomarker levels.(More)
Purified Semliki forest virus in aerosols is inactivated rapidly at 40% and above 70% relative humidity. At all humidities tested the decay of virus infectivity runs parallel with the decrease in hemagglutination activity, whereas the biological integrity of the virus ribonucleic acid is preserved. Also, free infectious ribonucleic acid is stable after(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the incidence of measles in the Netherlands and assess the effect of vaccination with regard to vaccination status. DESIGN Retrospective study. METHOD Data were collected from the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS), reported cases at the National Health Department (NHD), data from hospitals concerning admissions, morbidity data(More)
To fully understand the role of microbiome in human health and diseases, researchers are increasingly interested in assessing the relationship between microbiome composition and host genomic data. The dimensionality of the data as well as complex relationships between microbiota and host genomics pose considerable challenges for analysis. In this article,(More)