Anna Perazzi

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Tendon injuries, degenerative tendinopathies, and overuse tendinitis are common in races horses. Novel therapies aim to restore tendon functionality by means of cell-based therapy, growth factor delivery, and tissue engineering approaches. This study examined the use of autologous mesenchymal stromal cells derived from peripheral blood (PB-MSCs),(More)
Premazepam, a pyrrolodiazepine with potential anxiolytic properties, behaves as a partial antagonist to diazepam in animal tests. Its pharmacokinetics and metabolism were studied in four healthy volunteers. After oral administration of 30 mg [6-14C] premazepam, the plasma levels of total radioactivity reached maximum concentrations 1-4 h (mean 2 h)(More)
Healthy volunteers administered orally a single dose (20 mg) of [2-14C]zetidoline, a new dopamine antagonist, exhibited rapid absorption of radioactivity with peak plasma levels of 250-300 ng/ml achieved in 1 h. The compound underwent intensive metabolic first-pass so that plasma radioactivity was represented mostly by two products, metabolite B endowed(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this preliminary study was to investigate the effect of Multiwave Locked System (MLS(®)), a particular model of low-level laser, in the acute phase of collagenase-induced tendon lesions in six adult sheep randomly assigned to two groups. BACKGROUND DATA Tendon injuries are common among human athletes and in sport horses, require a(More)
The interactions of a series of C3-substituted rifamycins with human and bovine serum albumins were studied in order to find possible correlations between the degree of binding and the structural features of the various molecules. The results obtained indicate some of the physicochemical properties and, therefore, of the structural requirements which appear(More)
BACKGROUND To evaluate the efficiency of platelet-rich plasma preparations by means of a double centrifugation tube method to obtain platelet-rich canine plasma at a concentration at least 4 times higher than the baseline value and a concentration of white blood cells not exceeding twice the reference range. A complete blood count was carried out for each(More)
Dermoid sinus, a congenital malformation of neural tube development, has been reported in humans and several animal species including dogs. It is typically found in the dorsal midline and commonly occurs in the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed. A case of multiple dermoid sinuses in the fronto-occipital region is described. An 11-month-old, intact female Saint(More)
The cornea provides protection and transparency to the eye, allowing an optimal sharpness view. In some pathological conditions the cornea is able to regenerate thanks to the presence of a stem cells reservoir present at the level of the transition area between cornea and sclera (limbus). Corneal cell therapies in Veterinary Medicine are really limited due(More)
The kinetics and metabolic fate of 2'-14C-deflazacort, a new steroidal antiinflammatory agent, were studied in the cynomolgus monkey after both p.o. and i.v. administration (5 mg/kg). There is no unchanged deflazacort in the plasma or urine after either p.o. or i.v. treatment. As judged from the plasma AUC and urinary elimination values, the oral(More)