Anna Peled

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We present a method for adding molecular specificity to wide-field interferometric phase microscopy (IPM) by recording the phase signatures of gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) labeling targets of interest in biological cells. The AuNPs are excited by time-modulated light at a wavelength corresponding to their absorption spectral peak, evoking a photothermal (PT)(More)
BACKGROUND The detection of biological and chemical species is of key importance to numerous areas of medical and life sciences. Therefore, a great interest exists in developing new, rapid, miniature, biocompatible and highly sensitive sensors, capable to operate under physiological conditions and displaying long-term stabilities (e.g. in-body implantable(More)
Complex hybrid organic-"multi inorganic" particles SiO2 PDCL-ZrO2 (Ag SiO2) (PDCL = poly(N-dicarbazolyl-lysine)) were synthesized stepwise from silica nanoparticles. First, the zirconia units were synthesized by sol-gel processing and anchored to the polyCOOH poly(dicarbazole-lysine) shell of pre-formed silica particles through metal coordination on(More)
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