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Professor Mirosława Narkiewicz (1931–2017) – biographical note
Mirosława Narkiewicz (maiden name: Broda) was born on 19th September 1931 in Łuck (Volhynia region, today in the Ukraine). She started her education in 1938, and during the war continued it inExpand
Potential sources of conflict in intensive care units - a questionnaire study.
BACKGROUND Conflicts occur in intensive care units (ICUs), and an international multicentre study conducted in 2008, including 323 ICUs from 24 European countries, confirmed the occurrence of thisExpand
[Physicians' contribution in the creation and development of bioethics in Poland].
Bioethics was created in the 70s of the last century. From this period come works written by Van Resselaer Potter and André Hellegers, in which the authors raised the issue of the need to discuss theExpand
Can medical staff have visible tattoos? A survey study among students
Background: Tattoo is becoming a more and more common form of body decoration of people from representatives of various professions.The aim of this study was: what is the opinion of universityExpand
[How do first codes of medical ethics inspire contemporary physicians?].
First codes of medical ethics appeared between 18th and 19th century. Their formation was inspired by changes that happened in medicine, positive in general but with some negative setbacks. ThoseExpand
[About the introduction the criteria of brain death in Poland in 1984].
Significant recovery of discussion about the need for the formulation of criteria of death was provoked due to the progress of medicine. Development of anaesthesiology and intensive therapy,Expand
Beginnings of open-heart surgery in Gdansk – double role of the Pemco heart-lung machine and new facts about Dutch-Polish cooperation
The first open-heart surgery in Gdansk took place in 1975. It was possible thanks to the gift of a Pemco extracorporeal circulation machine from the Netherlands to the Surgery Institute of theExpand
Analiza przyczyn niskiego poziomu wiedzy i umiejętności kierowców w zakresie udzielania pierwszej pomocy poszkodowanym w wypadkach drogowych
Despite the compulsory training during driver's licence courses, first aid skills and knowledge are insufficient. The aim of this study was to evaluate the training system and to check theExpand
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Ocena poziomu wiedzy wybranych grup studentów Akademii Medycznej w Gdańsku na temat bezpieczeństwa ruchu drogowego – wstępne badania ankietowe
The study of road users' attitudes and behaviours proves, that the knowledge level of Road Safety is insufficient. Education seems to be a very important way to prevent the increasing number of roadExpand