Anna P Shanklin

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Ions of structure R(2)N[N(O)NO](-) and their alkylation products have seen increasing use as nitric oxide (NO)-generating agents for biomedical research applications. Here we show that such diazeniumdiolate anions can readily displace halide from a variety of electrophilic aza- or nitroaromatic substrates to form O(2)-arylated derivatives of structure(More)
Nitric oxide (NO) has been shown to exhibit significant anti-platelet activity and its release from polymer matrices has been already utilized to increase the biocompatibility of various blood-contacting devices. Herein, details of a new synthetic approach for preparing NO-releasing diazeniumdiolated polyurethanes (PU) are described. The method's utility is(More)
Ions of structure X[N(O)NO]-, examples of which have seen increasing use as probes for studying the biology of nitric oxide (NO) over the past decade, have a varied chemical history spanning nearly two centuries. Nevertheless, they have not been widely appreciated for their physicochemical similarities. Here we begin a series of systematic inquiries into(More)
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