Anna P Nesterova

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Mutant gene wallhaarig (wa) was acting as a modifier of the mutant gene waved alopecia (wal), substantially increasing hair loss rate in mice, as was previously shown in our laboratory. The current paper is devoted to a study of mutant gene angora-Y (Fgf5 go-Y ), which had extended anagen stage of the first and second generations hair growth cycles in(More)
How animals utilize their space often changes during ontogeny, perhaps resulting from alternative use of orientation mechanisms. This study investigated whether landmark-based navigation mechanisms were age-dependent in Columbian ground squirrels (Spermophilus columbianus). In field tests, young (1-2 years old) and adult (3-6 years old) animals had to find(More)
The interaction between mouse angora-Y (Fgf5 go-Y) and hairless (hr) genes have been studied. Homozygous mutant gene Fgf5 go-Y increases length of all hair types, while homozygotes for the h gene lose hair completely starting on day 14 after birth. We obtained mice with genotypes +/+ hr/hr F2, +/Fgf5 go-Y hr/hr and Fgf5 go-Y/Fgf5 go-Y hr/hr. Both +/Fgf5(More)
The survival of transgenic mouse embryos was studied as a function of the transgene structure. The data obtained indicate that the introduction of a chromosomal DNA fragment providing for the anchoring of interphase chromosomes on the nuclear envelope increases the efficiency of transgenesis in mice threefold due to their increased viability.
In 136 patients of young age features distinguishing the clinical course of peptic ulcer were studied. The diagnosis was established on the ground of roentgenological and endoscopic investigations. The nervous state was studied and the part played by psycho-emotional and stress factors in the development of peptic ulcer was ascertained on the basis of an(More)
The interactions between mouse angora-Y (Fgf5go-Y) and hairless (hr) genes have been studied. Homozygous mutant gene Fgf5go-Y increases hair length starting on day 14 after birth. We obtained mice with genotypes +/+ hr/hr F2, +/Fgf5go-Y hr/hr and Fgf5go-Y/Fgf5go-Y hr/hr. Both +/Fgf5go-Y hr/hr and +/+ hr/hr mice began to loose hair from their heads on day(More)
The patients with chronic enterocolitis demonstrated considerable changes in exocrine pancreatic function, manifesting in hyperfermentemia, disorders of basal secretion of enzymes, as well as in alterations in the pancreatic response to administration of stimulants. Application of diet 4 with an increased protein quota, restricted number of oligosaccharides(More)
A number of new diets and new products were apparaised from the standpoint of their effect on metabolic and pathophysiological disturbances seen in peptic ulcer. Application of new protein products, and qualitatively different fat that exert pathogenetic action on metabolism and function of the gastroduodenal system is especially promising. The enhanced(More)