Anna P. Chatzimichali

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Increased product complexity and internal team dynamics pose serious challenges to the quality of collaboration, usually reflected upon long delays, cost overruns and poor design quality during product development. Our focus is to study the factors that drive collaboration, shared understanding and team learning in product development in order to(More)
Global market competition and consumer attitudes, demand a constant flow of new products in the market. Product IifecycIes shrink and consequently the pressure for novel products that rapidly pass from the R&D lab to the consumer hands is increased, especially for high-technology firms. This requires particularly high rates of learning allowing firms to(More)
Agricultural workplaces are a prototypical example of unstructured and variant environments, offering a novel challenge to robotic research and automation. In this paper, a robot prototype is presented for white asparagus harvesting. White asparagus is a rather delicate vegetable with unique cultivation characteristics, which is exceptionally tiring and(More)
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