Anna Osichow

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The water-soluble catalyst precursor [[(2,4,6-(3,5-(CF3)2C6H3)3-C6H2)-N═C(H)-(3-(9-anthryl)-2-O-C6H3)-κ(2)-N,O]Ni(CH3)(TPPTS)] (TPPTS = tri(sodiumphenylsulfonate)phosphine) polymerizes ethylene to aqueous dispersions of highly ordered nanoscale crystals (crystallinity χ(DSC) ≥ 90%) of strictly linear polyethylene (<0.7 methyl-branches/1000 carbon atoms, Mn(More)
Polymer crystals are metastable and exhibit morphological changes when being annealed. To observe morphological changes on molecular scales we started from small nanometer-sized crystals of highly folded long-chain polymers. Micron-sized stripes consisting of monolayers or stacks of several layers of flat-on oriented polyethylene nanocrystals were generated(More)
Formation of Ni-polymeryl propagating species upon the interaction of three salicylaldiminato nickel(II) complexes of the type [(N,O)Ni(CH3 )(Py)] (where (N,O)=salicylaldimine ligands, Py=pyridine) with ethylene (C2 H4 /Ni=10:30) has been studied by (1) H and (13) C NMR spectroscopy. Typically, the ethylene/catalyst mixtures in [D8 ]toluene were stored for(More)
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