Anna Okhrimenko

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Cytokine memory for IFN-γ production by effector/memory Th1 cells plays a key role in both protective and pathological immune responses. To understand the epigenetic mechanism determining the ontogeny of effector/memory Th1 cells characterized by stable effector functions, we identified a T-cell-specific methylation pattern at the IFNG promoter and CNS-1 in(More)
In the bone marrow, a population of memory T cells has been described that promotes efficient secondary immune responses and has been considered to be preactivated, owing to its expression of CD69 and CD25. Here we show that human bone marrow professional memory T cells are not activated but are resting in terms of proliferation, transcription, and(More)
Immunoglobulin E (IgE) production is tightly regulated at the cellular and genetic levels and is believed to be central to allergy development. At least two cellular pathways exist that lead to systemic anaphylaxis reactions in vivo: IgE-sensitized mast cells and IgG1-sensitized basophils. Passive anaphylaxis, by application of allergen and(More)
Unbiased transcriptomes of resting human CD4 + CD45RO + T lymphocytes Gene expression profiling of cells of the immune system isolated ex vivo is a unique tool to assess gene expression in vivo. Exemplified for CD4 + CD45RO + effector/memory T helper (T E/M) lympho-cytes of human peripheral blood, we have analyzed the influence of different isolation(More)
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