Anna Oh

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Lesion and neuroimaging studies indicate that the insula mediates motor aspects of speech production, specifically, articulatory control. Although it has direct connections to Broca's area, the canonical speech production region, the insula is also broadly connected with other speech and language centres, and may play a role in coordinating higher-order(More)
Set-shifting is essential to cognitive flexibility and relies on frontal lobe function. Previous studies have mostly focused on feedback processes following shifting rather than set-shifting itself. We designed an MEG paradigm without feedback to directly investigate the neural correlates of set-shifting. Adults (n=16) matched one of two coloured images(More)
It is well supported by behavioral and neuroimaging studies that typical language function is lateralized to the left hemisphere in the adult brain and this laterality is less well defined in children. The behavioral literature suggests there maybe be sex differences in language development, but this has not been examined systematically with neuroimaging.(More)
This study evaluated changes in motor speech control and inter-gestural coordination for children with speech sound disorders (SSD) subsequent to Prompts for Restructuring Oral and Muscular Phonetic Targets (PROMPT) intervention. We measured the distribution patterns of voice onset time (VOT) for a voiceless stop (/p/) to examine the changes in(More)
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