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The most common causes of posterior and posterolateral knee pain (besides referred pain) are knee joint effusions, tendinitis of the hamstring tendons, Baker cyst (semi-membranous cyst), bursitis, meniscal pathologies such as tears and ganglions and lesions of the anterior cruciate ligament. Less common causes include popliteus and gastrocnemius tendinitis,(More)
PURPOSE Previous DTI studies reported microstructural changes in white matter of patients receiving treatment for brain malignancies. The primary aim of this prospective pilot longitudinal study was to examine if DTI can detect microstructural changes in deep gray matter (as evaluated by the apparent diffusion coefficient, ADC) between pediatric patients(More)
Twenty-two para- and tetraplegic patients with chronic spinal cord injuries were examined with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The clinical course in the entire rehabilitation period was recorded and an attempt was made to associate the functional status of the patients with the morphologic findings on MRI. Small and large spinal cord cysts and(More)
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