Anna N P J Renz

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BACKGROUND Adherence to oral hygiene is an important aspect of the treatment of periodontal disease. Traditional educational interventions have been shown to be of little value in achieving long term behaviour change. OBJECTIVES The aim of this review was to determine the impact of interventions aimed to increase adherence to oral hygiene instructions in(More)
This scoping review sought evidence about organisational and management factors affecting infection control in general hospital settings. A literature search yielded a wide range of studies, systematic reviews and reports, but high quality direct evidence was scant. The majority of studies were observational and the standard of reporting was generally(More)
OBJECTIVES To review the empirical literature to identify the activities, time spent and engagement of hospital managers in quality of care. DESIGN A systematic review of the literature. METHODS A search was carried out on the databases MEDLINE, PSYCHINFO, EMBASE, HMIC. The search strategy covered three facets: management, quality of care and the(More)
PURPOSE Being able to compare hospitals in terms of quality and safety between countries is important for a number of reasons. For example, the 2011 European Union directive on patients' rights to cross-border health care places a requirement on all member states to provide patients with comparable information on health-care quality, so that they can make(More)
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