Anna Nützel

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BACKGROUND Multimorbidity has a negative impact on health-related quality of life (HRQL). Previous studies included only a limited number of conditions. In this study, we analyse the impact of a large number of conditions on HRQL in multimorbid patients without preselecting particular diseases. We also explore the effects of these conditions on the specific(More)
BACKGROUND With increasing life expectancy the number of people affected by multimorbidity rises. Knowledge of factors associated with health-related quality of life in multimorbid people is scarce. We aimed to identify the factors that are associated with self-rated health (SRH) in aged multimorbid primary care patients. METHODS Cross-sectional study(More)
OBJECTIVE We investigated the degree of comparability of the prevalence of chronic diseases and disease combinations in the elderly in two databases comparable with regard to diseases included, sex and age of the patients (65-85 years), and cutoff score for case definition. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING One study is based on chart-supported interviews with the(More)
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