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Micelles derivatized with octreotide as potential target‐selective contrast agents in MRI
New amphiphilic monomers (OCA‐DTPAGlu and OCA‐DOTA) containing, in the same molecule, three different functions: (i) the chelating agent (DTPAGlu or DOTA) able to coordinate gadolinium ion, (ii) theExpand
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Peptide modified nanocarriers for selective targeting of bombesin receptors.
The present work describes new supramolecular aggregates obtained by co-assembling two different amphiphilic molecules, one containing the bioactive bombesin peptide (BN), or a scramble sequence, andExpand
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Nanoparticles containing octreotide peptides and gadolinium complexes for MRI applications
New mixed nanoparticles were obtained by self‐aggregation of two amphiplic monomers. The first monomer (C18)2L5‐Oct contains two C18 hydrophobic moieties bound to the N‐terminus of the cyclic peptideExpand
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Peptide‐labeled supramolecular aggregates as selective doxorubicin carriers for delivery to tumor cells
New liposomal aggregates, prepared by combining together, in a 90:10 molar ratio, two amphiphilic monomers, one containing two hydrocarbon chains in the hydrophobic region and the anionic DOTAExpand
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Amphiphilic CCK peptides assembled in supramolecular aggregates: structural investigations and in vitro studies.
Supramolecular aggregates obtained by self-aggregation of five new cationic amphiphilic CCK8 peptides have been obtained in water solution and characterized for: (i) aggregate structure andExpand
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Micelles obtained by aggregation of gemini surfactants containing the CCK8 peptide and a gadolinium complex
Two gemini surfactants, [C18CysL5CCK8]2 and [C18CysDTPAGlu]2, containing, respectively, the CCK8 peptide and the DTPAGlu chelating agent or its gadolinium complex have been prepared by linkingExpand
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Naposomes: a new class of peptide-derivatized, target-selective multimodal nanoparticles for imaging and therapeutic applications.
Modified supramolecular aggregates for selective delivery of contrast agents and/or drugs are examined with a focus on a new class of peptide-derivatized nanoparticles: naposomes. These nanoparticlesExpand
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Multimodal supramolecular compounds that combine imaging and therapeutic capabilities are the focus of intensive research for applications in the growing field of nanomedicine. These compounds offerExpand