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The fact that climate is changing has become increasingly clear over the past decade. Recent evidence suggests that the associated changes in temperature and precipitation are already adversely affecting population health.The future burden of disease attributable to climate change will depend in part on the timeliness and effectiveness of the interventions(More)
The International Standard ISO 10303 provides the technology to achieve the computer-interpretable representation of scientific and technical data for stability and accessibility in the long term. A new application of ISO 10303, Part 235, has been developed specifically for the representation of property data and to ensure its long term value. ISO 10303-235(More)
The design of environmentally friendly products requires data to assess the impact of the product on the environment throughout its life and the original design and manufacturing information that should accompany the product to manage the end-of-life process. Both of these requirements can be satisfied by the innovative combination of two groups of(More)
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