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STUDY OBJECTIVES It has been suggested that diabetes mellitus is associated with an increased susceptibility to infection, the risk of using more aggressive therapeutic agents, and increased morbidity and mortality; however, current evidence supporting these events in the field of pneumonia is scarce. The aim of the present study was to provide information(More)
The International Standard ISO 10303 provides the technology to achieve the computer-interpretable representation of scientific and technical data for stability and accessibility in the long term. A new application of ISO 10303, Part 235, has been developed specifically for the representation of property data and to ensure its long term value. ISO 10303-235(More)
The design of environmentally friendly products requires data to assess the impact of the product on the environment throughout its life and the original design and manufacturing information that should accompany the product to manage the end-of-life process. Both of these requirements can be satisfied by the innovative combination of two groups of(More)
This proposal is based on the statement that in order to promote the renewable energies at least three different professional skills have to be promoted: • the decision makers or technical officers belonging to public administration who have to make decisions and find the founding in order to promote the renewable energies in their country; • the designers(More)
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