Anna Michalska

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Pluripotent human stem cells isolated from early embryos represent a potentially unlimited source of many different cell types for cell-based gene and tissue therapies [1-3]. Nevertheless, if the full potential of cell lines derived from donor embryos is to be realised, the problem of donor-recipient tissue matching needs to be overcome. One approach, which(More)
Overexpression of metallothioneins (MTs) protects some cells against heavy metals, mutagens, anticancer agents, and reactive oxygen species. We have examined the effect of the loss of MT expression on the cytotoxicity of anticancer agents and mutagens using embryonic fibroblast cells from transgenic mice with targeted disruptions of MT I and II genes (MT(More)
The actin cytoskeleton plays a crucial role in pollen tube growth. In elongating pollen tubes the organization and arrangement of actin filaments (AFs) differs between the shank and apical region. However, the orientation of AFs in pollen tubes has not yet been successfully demonstrated. In the present work we have used myosin II subfragment 1 (S1)(More)
Among popular crops, plum (Prunus domestica L.) has received special attention due to its health-promoting properties. The seasonality of this fruit makes it impossible to consume it throughout the year, so new products in a powder form may offer an alternative to fresh consumption and may be used as high-quality natural food ingredients. A 100% plum(More)
The seasonality of fruits and vegetables makes it impossible to consume and use them throughout the year, thus numerous processing efforts have been made to offer an alternative to their fresh consumption and application. To prolong their availability on the market, drying has received special attention as currently this method is considered one of the most(More)
Blueberries, besides having commonly-recognized taste properties, are also a valuable source of health-promoting bioactive compounds. For several decades, blueberries have gained in popularity all over the world, and recent years have seen not only an increase in fresh consumption, but also in the importance of blueberries for the processing industry.(More)
T-Cube Web Interface is a generic tool to visualize and manipulate large scale multivariate time series datasets. The interface allows the user to execute complex queries quickly and to run various types of statistical tests on the loaded data. We show its utility in an important application scenario: real-time bio-surveillance system designed to support(More)
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