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This study aims to investigate the query formulation and reformula-tion patterns such as generalisations, specifications, parallel movements and replacements with synonyms within the search procedure. Results showed that users reformulated their queries by using terms contained in the retrieved results while in the query reformulation process they mainly(More)
The purpose of this study is to examine the Google facets, namely the suggestions found occasionally under the section "<i>Searches related to</i>" on the Google results page. The study focuses on whether they constitute good candidate terms for implementing expansion of queries submitted to databases. The thought behind this is to benefit from the Google(More)
The focus of our study is zero-hit queries in keyword subject searches and the effort of increasing recall in these cases by reformulating and, then, expanding the initial queries using an external source of knowledge , namely a thesaurus. To this end, the objectives of this study are twofold. First, we perform the mapping of query terms to the thesaurus(More)
This study aims at investigating query formulation and reformulation patterns within the search procedure focusing mainly on the semantic aspect of submitted queries. Results identified generalisations, specifications, parallel movements and replacements with synonyms; the parallel movement came first in the users' preferences for reformulating a query.(More)
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