Anna-Maria T. Baumann

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West syndrome consists of infantile spasms, hypsarrhythmia, and developmental arrest. Most patients remain mentally retarded and many develop Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. Using homozygosity mapping followed by exome sequencing we identified an ST3GAL3 mutation in three infants with West syndrome. ST3GAL3 encodes a sialyltransferase involved in the biosynthesis(More)
Sialic acids, terminal sugars of glycoproteins and glycolipids, play important roles in development, cellular recognition processes and host-pathogen interactions. A common modification of sialic acids is 9-O-acetylation, which has been implicated in sialoglycan recognition, ganglioside biology, and the survival and drug resistance of acute lymphoblastic(More)
42 subjects were given the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator which demands checking either one of two response variants for each of 81 questions. Before, they had completed an imaginary questionnaire version, that is, checked 81 times either "a" or "b" without seeing any questions. Three main findings emerged. (1) Over all subjects, repetitions of the same(More)
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