Anna-Maria Ochocka

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Phospholipase C (PLC, EC is an enzyme crucial for the phosphoinositol pathway and whose activity is involved in eukaryotic signal transduction as it generates two second messengers: diacylglycerol (DAG) and inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate (IP3). There are four major types of phospholipase C named: beta, gamma, delta and the recently discovered(More)
The E3 ubiqutin ligase, murne double-minute clone 2 (MDM2), promotes the degradation of p53 under normal homeostatic conditions. Several serine residues within the acidic domain of MDM2 are phosphorylated to maintain its activity but become hypo-phosphorylated following DNA damage, leading to inactivation of MDM2 and induction of p53. However, the(More)
In this report we describe cloning and expression of human Rho GTPase activating protein (ARHGAP6) isoform 4 in Escherichia coli cells as a fusion protein with 6xHis. We cloned the ARHGAP6 cDNA into the bacterial expression vector pPROEX-1. Induction of the 6xHis-ARHGAP6 protein in BL21(DE3) and DH5alpha cells caused lysis of the cells irrespective of the(More)
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