Anna-Maria Keranen

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Gangliosides of the human alimentary mucosa were purified and analysed with thin-layer chromatography and gas chromatography. The content of ganglioside neuraminic acid was 0.16 mumol/g dry weight in the stomach, 0.07 mumol/g dry weight in the small intestine and 0.11 mumol/g dry weight in the large intestine. Mono- and disialosylhemosides were the major(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity has become a severe health problem in the world. Even a moderate 5% weight loss can significantly reduce the prevalence of metabolic syndrome, which can be vital for preventing comorbidities caused by the obesity. Health Behavior Change Support Systems (hBCSS) emphasize an autogenous approach, where an individual uses the system to(More)
The five major gangliosides of the human alimentary mucosa were purified with silicic acid column chromatography and with thin-layer chromatography. The linkages in the carbohydrate portion were analysed by permethylation with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. A succesful analysis of the linkages of two hematosides and three tetraglycosylceramides was(More)
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