Anna Maria Gruener

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Cystic hygromas, also known as lymphangiomas, are unusual congenital malformations of the lymphatic system. They are normally seen in the head and neck region and very rarely occur in the scrotum. This anomaly manifests as a painless scrotal swelling and is easily misdiagnosed. We report a rare case of a 3-year-old boy who presented with a gradually(More)
Prostaglandin eye drops (see e.g. Lumigan; Allergan, Inc., rvine, California, USA) are commonly used as first-line therpy in glaucoma.1 Side effects are mainly ocular and include onjunctival hyperaemia and increased eyelash growth.1 Systemic adverse effects are less frequently reported ut include upper respiratory tract infections and irritation, hich can(More)
We present a rare case of severe corticosteroid-induced ocular hypertension (OHT) after prolonged systemic corticosteroid use in a young woman with Takayasu's arteritis. As she did not sufficiently respond to ocular antihypertensive therapies, bilateral enhanced trabeculectomies were required to normalize her intraocular pressures. The systemic side effects(More)
We describe the case of a HIV-positive patient treated for visceral leishmaniasis who developed uveitis as part of a leishmaniasis immune reconstitution syndrome. Visceral leishmaniasis is increasingly found in HIV-positive adults. Its ophthalmic manifestations can range from relatively minor to complicated anterior uveitis, leading to secondary glaucoma(More)