Anna Maria Gamell

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OBJECTIVES The objectives of this study were (1) to validate the Alvarado score and pediatric appendicitis score (PAS) in a prospectively identified pediatric cohort and (2) to assess abdominal ultrasonography (AUS) as a tool to increase the diagnostic reliability of both scores. PATIENTS AND METHODS Prospective study conducted from January 10, 2008, to(More)
BACKGROUND Family presence during invasive procedures (IPs) is infrequent in Spanish pediatric emergency departments (PEDs), despite the benefits of family presence. OBJECTIVES To investigate the proportion of relatives who wish to be present during IP, to determine the percentage of relatives who stayed during IP in our PED, and to evaluate parental(More)
OBJECTIVES Family presence (FP) during invasive procedures (IPs) in children remains controversial among pediatric emergency department (PED) staff. The authors aimed to determine health care providers' attitudes toward FP during IPs in Spain, to learn whether parents are given the option of being present during different IPs, and to study which factors(More)
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