Anna Maria Di Giulio

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Sciatic nerve crush was performed in 2-day-old rats, then reinnervation of the extensor digitorum longus muscle, motor neuron survival, and muscle IGF-I production were monitored. In saline-treated rats, the extent of reinnervation was around 50% and the number of EDL reinnervating motor neurons was significantly reduced. In heparin-treated rats the extent(More)
Although effective and safe, carotid endarterectomy (CEA) implies a reduced blood flow to the brain and likely an ischemia/reperfusion event. The high rate of uneventful outcomes associated with CEA suggests the activation of brain endogenous protection mechanisms aimed at limiting the possible ischemia/reperfusion damage. This study aims at assessing(More)
Nel topo geneticamente nano, che presenta una selettiva carenza di ormone somatotropo (GH) e nel ratto ipofisectomizzato, i livelli cerebrali di 1-triptofano (TP) e di acido 5-idrossi-indolacetico (5-HIAA) sono considerevolmente più elevati che nei controlli, mentre i livelli cerebrali di serotonina (5-HT) sono praticamente immodificati. La somministrazione(More)
PRL response to morphine in a group of migraine subjects was studied in the baseline condition and after neuroendocrinological inhibition and stimulation tests. No significant differences were found in comparison with control subjects. This demonstrated the integrity of the opioid system and serotoninergic pathways in migraine subjects. In un gruppo di(More)
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