Anna Maria Carossino

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We evaluated the risk of hypersensitivity to metals in a population of consecutive subjects undergoing a total knee arthroplasty (TKA). We also proposed a diagnostic pathway to address any sensitivity to metals. We finally presented the mid-term outcomes of a full non allergenic knee implant. We developed a protocol based on the medical history, patch(More)
The pattern of cytokine production of skin-infiltrating T cells from patients with progressive systemic sclerosis was investigated. Most CD4+ T-cell clones generated from skin biopsy specimens showed a type 2 helper (Th2) cytokine profile (production of interleukin-4, but no interferon (IFN)-gamma). High interleukin-4 but little or no IFN-gamma mRNA(More)
This study investigates the Il-1 production in vitro by normal peripheral blood monocytes or non-T cells following contact with different dialysis membranes (cuprophan, polysulphone, polymethylmethacrylate and polyacrylonitrile), in the presence or absence of lipopolysaccharide. The results of this study show that the physical contact between dialysis(More)
The CD40 antigen, a member of the nerve growth factor/tumor necrosis factor receptor family, is expressed on all mature B lymphocytes and plays a crucial role in B cell activation, T cell-dependent antigen-driven isotype switching and germinal center formation. We have analyzed CD40 expression and function during mouse B cell development by examining B cell(More)
OBJECTIVE We studied the effect of melatonin (MLT) (N-acetyl 5-methoxytryptamine) on the growth rate of normal skin fibroblasts and of fibroblasts from involved and apparently uninvolved skin of patients affected by systemic sclerosis (SSc). METHODS The growth rate was evaluated on the basis of growth curves and a 3H-thymidine incorporation assay. (More)
Pachydermoperiostosis (PDP) is a disease characterized by the presence of pachydermia, periostosis and finger clubbing. Evidence that the skin and soft tissues are involved in the disease prompted the in vitro investigation of the behaviour of fibroblasts obtained from cutaneous biopsies of involved and apparently uninvolved PDP skin. PDP fibroblasts from(More)
The specific immune response against the malignant cells was investigated in patients with urinary bladder or larynx cancer. Lymphocytes from lymph nodes that drain the tumor site were tested for their proliferative and cytotoxic capacities against autologous malignant cells isolated from the primary tumor. In no occasion was a proliferative or a cytotoxic(More)
BACKGROUND Symptomatic severe osteoarthritis and hip osteoporotic fractures are the main conditions requiring total hip arthroplasty (THA), whereas total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is mainly performed for pain, disability or deformity due to osteoarthritis. After surgery, some patients suffer from "painful prosthesis", which currently represents a clinical(More)
Long-term stability of arthroplasty prosthesis depends on the integration between the bone tissue and the implanted biomaterials, which requires the contribution of osteoblastic precursors and their continuous differentiation into the osteoblastic phenotype. Classically, these interactions are tested in vitro using mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) isolated and(More)
Abnormalities of coagulation are common in patients with acute nonlymphoblastic leukemia, although the mechanisms involved are unclear, except in a few cases. To investigate the pathogenesis of this coagulopathy, suspensions of purified leukemic cells were prepared and tested for procoagulant activity. Neither the leukemic cells nor their supernatants(More)