Anna Maria Caricchia

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The relevance of dust outbreaks from the Sahara into Italy was evaluated for the period from 2001 to 2007. To this end, days affected by Saharan dust were recognized at four PM(10) background stations belonging to the Regional Agencies for Environmental Protection (ARPA) monitoring networks (one working in the 2005-2007 period only). The analysis included(More)
Concentrations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in atmospheric particulates have been determined in the frame of the control activities for environmental protection during the VI (1990-1991), VII (1991-1992) and VIII (1992-1993) Italian expeditions in Antarctica. Samples were collected at the four cardinal points at about 200 m from the central(More)
OBJECTIVES to assess air pollution spatial and temporal variability in the urban area nearby the Ciampino International Airport (Rome) and to investigate the airport-related emissions contribute. DESIGN AND SETTING the study domain was a 64 km2 area around the airport. Two fifteen-day monitoring campaigns (late spring, winter) were carried out. Results(More)
A thin-layer chromatographic (TLC) method is described for the assay of the anti-epileptic drug, valproic acid, in plasma. The use of high-performance (HPTLC) plates gave sensitive detection limits (4.87 micrograms ml-1) for derivatives of valproic acid and the reproducibility on the same or different plates was good. Comparison with high-performance liquid(More)
The authors perfect a TLC method with densitometric detection for the determination of vitamin B1 in the presence of its hydrolytic and oxidation products. The decomposition process and the proportions of products formed in the ampoules under different conditions of temperature/time treatment are also investigated and the activation factors (z and FO) of(More)
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