Anna Maria Andersson

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We build a simple model for feedback systems involving small RNA (sRNA) molecules based on the iron metabolism system in the bacterium E. coli, and compare it with the corresponding system in H. pylori which uses purely transcriptional regulation. This reveals several unique features of sRNA-based regulation that could be exploited by cells. Firstly, we(More)
The molecular network in an organism consists of transcription/translation regulation, protein-protein interactions/modifications and a metabolic network, together forming a system that allows the cell to respond sensibly to the multiple signal molecules that exist in its environment. A key part of this overall system of molecular regulation is therefore(More)
Iron is an essential trace-element for most organisms. However, because high concentration of free intracellular iron is cytotoxic, cells have developed complex regulatory networks that keep free intracellular iron concentration at optimal range, allowing the incorporation of the metal into iron-using enzymes and minimizing damage to the cell. We built a(More)
Astroviruses are becoming a growing concern in veterinary and public health. To date there are no registered vaccines against astrovirus-induced disease, mostly due to the difficulty to cultivate astroviruses to high titer for vaccine development using conventional techniques. As means to circumvent this drawback, we have developed stably transfected mink(More)
A combinatorial approach is applied to rapidly deposit and screen Ag-Al thin films to evaluate the mechanical, tribological, and electrical properties as a function of chemical composition. Ag-Al thin films with large continuous composition gradients (6-60 atom % Al) were deposited by a custom-designed combinatorial magnetron sputtering system. X-ray(More)
Many diverse hypotheses on aging are in play. All from "aging genes" over decreasing telomere length to increased level of gene mutations has been suggested to determine an organism's lifespan, but no unifying theory exists. As part of a growing interest toward more integrative approaches in the field we propose a simplistic model based on the(More)
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