Anna Maria Agliata

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Clinical outcome of cocaine body packers is considered to be unpredictable and there are no clear guidelines for the management of these patients. Their surveillance in casualty wards, where they are usually admitted during evacuation of the packets, can be very difficult. The authors refer to a new type of cocaine packet, allowing these patients to be(More)
A randomized cross-over clinical and endoscopic evaluation of 85 Ugandan patients showed that esophageal candidiasis in AIDS patients with oral candidiasis could be managed without endoscopy and biopsies. Oral lesions, especially when accompanied by esophageal symptoms, were sufficient for diagnosis. Miconazole was more effective than nystatin in treating(More)
The calibration campaign of the National Ignition Facility X-ray Spectrometer (NXS) was carried out at the Omega laser facility. Spherically symmetric, laser-driven, millimeter-scale x-ray sources of K-shell and L-shell emission from various mid-Z elements were designed for the 2-18 keV energy range of the NXS. The absolute spectral brightness was measured(More)
An upgrade of the pulsed magnetic field generator magneto-inertial fusion electrical discharge system [O. Gotchev et al., Rev. Sci. Instrum. 80, 043504 (2009)] is described. The device is used to study magnetized high-energy-density plasma and is capable of producing a pulsed magnetic field of tens of tesla in a volume of a few cubic centimeters. The(More)
The immune system in the aging man is known to show age-related defects; the study of the subpopulations in human blood has yielded conflicting results. This mostly seems to be due to the heterogeneity of the subjects admitted to immunogerontological studies. We investigated a group of aged persons fulfilling the admission criteria described in the(More)
A magnetic particle time-of-flight (MagPTOF) diagnostic has been designed to measure shock- and compression-bang time using D(3)He-fusion protons and DD-fusion neutrons, respectively, at the National Ignition Facility (NIF). This capability, in combination with shock-burn weighted areal density measurements, will significantly constrain the modeling of the(More)
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