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While studies have indicated that squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck (HNSCC) is associated with immune suppression, these studies did not analyze the immune response at the dysplastic stage. The present study utilized a mouse model of 4-nitroquinoline 1-oxide-induced oral carcinogenesis to examine the alterations in immune phenotype at the(More)
Although patients undergoing acute hemodialysis (HD) constitute a group at risk for heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT), the optimal therapeutic strategy remains undefined. We describe a case of HIT complicated with right subclavian vein thrombosis in a patient with chronic renal insufficiency undergoing acute HD for oligoanuria and pulmonary edema.(More)
We've made a brief account of Carcinoma Cuniculatum and after reviewing the references, we found four cases which didn't appear on the foot as usual. We've reported a 68-year-old man, with a lesion on the back of his left hand; it had been present six years and had recurred after a surgical excision. On the clinical point of view, the lesion is a roughly(More)
On the basis of two cases, one a fistula and the other a cyst of the first brachial cleft with chiefly parotid manifestations, a review of the embryology is given which explains the anatomical features. The elements in their clinical diagnosis, complemented by fistulography and sialography are compared with operative findings, the essential steps in which(More)
Osseous desmoid fibromas, analagous with soft tissue desmoid fibromas, are rare tumors with exceptional localization in the mandible, revealed by: -tumefaction and trismus in usually very young subjects; -the radiological picture is that of lysis with relatively well defined limits, but with no double outline, with possible cortical rupture and aberrant(More)
s – Oral Presentations Presenter Abstract Title Page Harper Incorporating Patient Satisfaction Metrics In Assessing Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Care Quality 2 Cunningham An Estrogen Receptor alpha Functional Mutant is Protective in Murine Lupus 2 Cox Motivation to Self-Administer Methamphetamine in a Behavioral-Economics Paradigm Predicts the Effect of(More)
Early-life exposure to calorie-dense food, rich in fat and sugar, contributes to the increasing prevalence of obesity and its associated adverse cognitive and emotional outcomes at adulthood. It is thus critical to determine the impact of such nutritional environment on neurobehavioral development. In animals, maternal high-fat diet (HFD) consumption(More)
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