Anna Mandel

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UNLABELLED It is worthwhile to pay attention to substance dependence in the Far North, which exacerbates personality by formation of psychological dependence. The Circumpolar region of West Siberia is an area of discomforts (Korolenko C.P., 1978; Yagya N.S., 1980; Sapov I.A., Novikov V.S., 1984; Khrushchev V.L., 1994; Kaznacheyev V.P. et al., 2002). The(More)
As a model for studying the ethnic and cultural aspects of alcohol abuse problem the narcological situation in the Republic of Tyva (Russia) which is relevant for Siberian region. Clinical and psychological examination of 155 alcohol addicted registered in the Republican drug abuse clinic (Kyzyl) was carried out, with 91 people of them being Tuvinian(More)
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