Anna-Maija Pietilä

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BACKGROUND There is a permanent need to evaluate and develop the ethical quality of scientific research and to widen knowledge about the effects of ethical issues. Therefore we evaluated whether informed consent is related to implementation and success in a lifestyle intervention study with older research participants. There is little empirical research(More)
BACKGROUND Breastfeeding attitudes are known to influence infant feeding but little information exists on the prenatal breastfeeding attitudes of parents. The purpose of this study was to describe Finnish parents' prenatal breastfeeding attitudes and their relationships with demographic characteristics. METHODS The electronic Breastfeeding Knowledge,(More)
BACKGROUND Randomised clinical trials (RCTs) involve procedures such as randomisation, blinding, and placebo use, which are not part of standard medical care. Patients asked to participate in RCTs often experience difficulties in understanding the meaning of these and their justification. METHODS We reviewed RCT protocols, statements of the principal(More)
BACKGROUND Many studies have been published about ethics committees and the clarifications requested about the submitted applications. In Finland, ethics committees require a separate statement on ethical aspects of the research in applications to the ethics committee. However, little is known about how researchers consider the ethical aspects of their own(More)
Service user involvement (SUI) is a principal and a guideline in social and health care and also in mental health and substance abuse work. In practice, however, there are indicators of SUI remaining rhetoric rather than reality. The purpose of this study was to analyse and describe service users' conceptions of SUI in mental health and substance abuse(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies revealed low participation in cervical cancer screening among immigrants compared with non-immigrants. Only a few studies about factors associated with immigrants' lower participation rates have been conducted in European countries that have universal access for all eligible women. Our study aimed to explore factors associated(More)
OBJECTIVES To ensure the development of new effective treatments in medicine, clinical trials (CTs) need to be conducted. The study was aimed at assessing knowledge of and attitudes toward clinical drug trials among patients with epilepsy, along with factors that motivate them to participate in CTs. Use of this information could improve recruitment for(More)
BACKGROUND Sense of coherence (SOC) is associated with the capability to cope with caregiving. Our aims were (1) to describe the trajectory of SOC in aged spousal caregivers of persons with mild Alzheimer's disease (AD) in 3-year follow-up and (2) to identify baseline determinants influencing SOC change. METHODS Both AD (n = 170) (CDR-SOB, MMSE, NPI,(More)
This study describes the extent to which registered and practical mental health nurses support, and consider the support in the units on parental responsibility in adult psychiatry, with regard to clients who are parents of dependent children and the predictors for this. A questionnaire survey was carried out in 2005 with Finnish practical and registered(More)
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