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While video communication is becoming quite popular among remote friends and family, recent usage practices have been extending beyond just talking heads to remotely sharing an experience by doing an activity together. However, current video chat tools are aimed at sharing talking heads and need to be reconsidered to support remotely sharing activities. We(More)
If tangible user interfaces (TUIs) are going to move out of research labs and into mainstream use they need to support tasks in abstract as well as spatial domains. Designers need guidelines for TUIs in these domains. Conceptual Metaphor Theory can be used to design the relations between physical objects and abstract representations. In this paper, we use(More)
Designers of natural user interfaces are faced with several challenges when creating interaction models for controlling applications, including the wide range of possible input actions and the lack of affordances, which they can use to design controls. In order to contribute to the development of design guidelines in this design space, we conducted an(More)
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