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GDP-fucose transporter plays a crucial role in fucosylation of glycoproteins by providing activated fucose donor, GDP-fucose, for fucosyltransferases in the lumen of the Golgi apparatus. Fucose-containing glycans are involved in many biological processes, which are essential for growth and development. Mutations in the GDP-fucose transporter gene cause(More)
The accurate estimate of grassland carbon (C) is affected by many factors at the large scale. Here, we used six methods (three spatial interpolation methods and three grassland classification methods) to estimate C storage of Chinese grasslands based on published data from 2004 to 2014, and assessed the uncertainty resulting from different integrative(More)
Carbon (C) storage for all the components, especially dead mass and soil organic carbon, was rarely reported and remained uncertainty in China's forest ecosystems. This study used field-measured data published between 2004 and 2014 to estimate C storage by three forest type classifications and three spatial interpolations and assessed the uncertainty in C(More)
—We propose a method to improve image clustering using sparse text and the wisdom of the crowds. In particular, we present a method to fuse two different kinds of document features, image and text features, and use a common dictionary or " wisdom of the crowds " as the connection between the two different kinds of documents. With the proposed fusion matrix,(More)
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