Anna M. Wichansky

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An eye tracking study was conducted to evaluate specific design features for a prototype web portal application. This software serves independent web content through separate, rectangular, user-modifiable portlets on a web page. Each of seven participants navigated across multiple web pages while conducting six specific tasks, such as removing a link from a(More)
Usability testing is a widely used technique to evaluate user performance and acceptance of products and systems. It was introduced in the late 1980s and rose to popularity in the past decade. This paper provides a view of the current status of usability testing as a method and describes how it will be used in the 21st century. Although usability testing(More)
In this paper, we describe a tutorial to enable CHI participants to design more effective user interfaces (UIs) for interactive television (ITV) and World Wide Web (WWW) applications used on televisions (TVs). 1NTRODUCTlON ITV and the WWW are the offspring of mergers between the computing, telecommunications, and entertainment industries. They involve(More)
Computing is generally a combination of tools and technologies, which we may broadly refer to as software, hardware, connectivity, protocols and standards. In the recent years, mobile industry has experienced a phenomenal growth in mobile computing also known as pervasive computing. The field of pervasive computing is painting the picture of future as this(More)
This panel will discuss the prominent trend of business consolidations in the enterprise software industry and proffer best practice management techniques for user experience teams following a successfully achieved merger or acquisition. Our panelists are UX managers who have experienced multiple mergers or acquisitions and will represent both the acquiring(More)
This forum is dedicated to maximizing the success of HCI practitioners within the frenetic world of product and service design. It focuses on UX strategy approaches, leadership, management techniques, and above all the challenge of bringing HCI to peer-level status with longstanding business disciplines such as marketing and engineering. <b>---Daniel(More)
I had the good fortune to be part of a significant joint effort between industry and government to create standards for usability testing. This was called the Industry Usability Reporting (IUsR) Project, and it was run by the National Institutes for Standards and Technology (NIST). My interest in the project stemmed from a request from Boeing, a major(More)
Mergers and acquisitions are becoming increasingly common in the enterprise software world. For example, SAP acquired Business Objects, Oracle acquired PeopleSoft and CA acquired Cassatt in recent times. While this is a business expansion strategy for the acquiring company, it presents a challenge for UX professionals in both the acquiring and acquired(More)