Anna M. R. Dixon

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Compressed sensing (CS) is an emerging signal processing paradigm that enables sub-Nyquist processing of sparse signals such as electrocardiogram (ECG) and electromyogram (EMG) biosignals. Consequently, it can be applied to biosignal acquisition systems to reduce the data rate to realize ultra-low-power performance. CS is compared to conventional and(More)
A consecutive series of 303 patients with carcinoma of the rectum and distal sigmoid colon treated by a single surgeon over a 10-year period are reported. Of these, 202 underwent an anterior resection, 85 an abdominoperineal excision of the rectum and 16 a coloanal anastomosis. Surgery was considered palliative in 52 patients undergoing anterior resection(More)
Research on the use of plants and other complementary medicines in Hawai’i drew our attention toMorinda citrifolia (Rubiaceae). Noni, as it is commonly known, is representative of both currently popular medicinal plants in Ha-wai’i and the pharmacopoeias of traditional cultures of this poly ethnic population. It is also prominent among the increasing number(More)
A controlled clinical study comparing skin incision by conventional scalpel with electrosurgical needle incision has shown the latter technique to be highly effective, consistently quicker, and to give better cosmetic results with minimal complications. It is a convenient technique and well tolerated by the patients with no added discomfort. Skin diathermy(More)
In a conventional bio-sensor, key signal features are acquired using Nyquist-rate analog-to-digital conversion without exploiting the typical bio-signal characteristic of sparsity in some domain (e.g., time, frequency, etc.). Compressed sensing (CS) is a signal processing paradigm that exploits this sparsity for commensurate power savings by enabling(More)
women, cohorts born 1891-1945. Soc Biol 1974;21: 178-84. 16 McFalls JA, McFalls WH. Diseases and fertility. New York: Academic Press, 1984. 17 Belsey MA. The epidemiology of infertility: a review with particular reference to sub-Saharan Africa. Bull WHO 1976;54:319-41. 18 Sherris JD, Fox G. Infertility and sexually transmitted disease: a public health(More)
During a 5-year period, 32 patients with colorectal carcinoma underwent a Hartmann procedure. Twenty operations were performed as emergencies for obstruction or peritonitis, and 12 for the elective treatment of colorectal malignancies. Of 22 surviving patients with potentially curable resections, 17 had restoration of colorectal continuity without(More)
The case of a 64 year old woman with diverticulitis complicated by a metastatic cerebral abscess is reported. Presentation was atypical and investigations were misleading; the computed tomographic scan was interpreted as showing a glioma. This case demonstrates that malignancy should never be assumed and the importance of making a histological diagnosis.(More)