Anna M. Novi

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There is currently little information about the morphological changes of the myocardium accompanying the reversal of cardiac hypertrophy. In this study the hypothesis was tested that myocardial alterations induced by exercise will regress within a short interval after the end of training. Rat hearts were examined using morphometric and biochemical methods(More)
The ultrastructure of testis of immature rats from birth to ten postnatal days was studied in order to describe the development of germ cells into definitive spermatogonia. The primordial germ cells showed no structural changes from birth to 4 days after birth. At the 5th postnatal day the gonocytes were transformed into darker cells and began to migrate(More)
Beobachtungen, die am Modell der Isoproterenol-stimulierten DNS-Synthese der Parotis gemacht wurden, haben ergeben: 1) Eine Zellhypertrophie geht stets dem Beginn der DNS-Synthese voraus. 2) Die Länge der G1-Phase ist von der Zellgröße abhängig. 3) Die Zellentwicklung während der G1-Phase ist von einer Akkumulation von Ribosomen abhängig. 4) Die Synthese(More)