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BACKGROUND Standardized means to identify patients likely to benefit from language assistance are needed. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the accuracy of the U.S. Census English proficiency question (Census-LEP) in predicting patients' ability to communicate effectively in English. DESIGN We investigated the sensitivity and specificity of the Census-LEP alone or(More)
BACKGROUND Clinician's knowledge of a woman's cancer family history (CFH) and counseling about health-related behaviors (HRB) is necessary for appropriate breast cancer care. OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether clinicians solicit CFH and counsel women on HRB; to assess relationship of well visits and patient risk perception or worry with clinician's behavior.(More)
The natural history of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) is largely unknown, and its optimal treatment remains controversial. Using semi-structured interviews, this study compared 18 White and 16 Latina women's understanding of their DCIS diagnosis, treatment decision-making processes, and satisfaction with care. Ethnic differences were observed in cognitive(More)
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