Anna M. Manzoni

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The microstructure of the as-cast AlCoCrFeNi high entropy alloy has been investigated by transmission electron microscopy and atom probe tomography. The alloy shows a very pronounced microstructure with clearly distinguishable dendrites and interdendrites. In both regions a separation into an Al-Ni rich matrix and Cr-Fe-rich precipitates can be observed.(More)
The development of a glucose sensor suitable for use with whole blood is described. It is based on anodic oxidation at +700 mV of hydrogen peroxide with a platinum electrode covered with a gas permeable membrane. Glucose reacts with glucose oxidase immobilised on the external side of the membrane, and forms hydrogen peroxide which is able to cross the gas(More)
Compositionally complex alloys, also called high entropy alloys, have been investigated for over a decade in view of different applications, but so far only a small number of alloys can be considered as presenting good enough properties for industrial application. The most common family of elements is Al-Co-Cr-Cu-Fe-Ni. The equiatomic alloy having 5 phases(More)
The recent introduction on the market of apparatus for combined blood gas-electrolyte and ionized calcium analyses has raised the problem of whether the same sample can be submitted to all the analyses without generating problems for some analytes. The problem is basically connected to the common use of heparin as an anti-coagulant. To elucidate the(More)
Apolipoprotein E (apoE) is an important constituent of several plasma lipoproteins and has been associated with the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and in familiar type III hyperlipoproteinemia. We developed new procedures for the detection of apolipoprotein E polymorphism in human blood based on coupling DNA electrochemical or piezoelectric(More)
Electron beam induced deposition (EBID) currently provides the only direct writing technique for truly three-dimensional nanostructures with geometrical features below 50 nm. Unfortunately, the depositions from metal-organic precursors suffer from a substantial carbon content. This hinders many applications, especially in plasmonics where the metallic(More)
The most commonly investigated high entropy alloy, AlCoCrCuFeNi, has been chosen for optimization of its microstructural and mechanical properties by means of compositional changes and heat treatments. Among the different available optimization paths, the decrease of segregating element Cu, the increase of oxidation protective elements Al and Cr and the(More)
Economic institutions structure links between labor-market informality and social stratification. The present study explores how periods of institutional change and post-socialist market transition alter network-based job finding, in particular informal recruitment. We highlight how market transitions affect both the prevalence and distribution of(More)
The prevalence of parasitic infections in backyard flocks was surveyed using litter samples from 74 pens located on 12 farms in central lower Michigan. Eight species of birds were represented. Two methods of litter examination (a sucrose flotation technique and a multiple washing/ZnCl2 flotation) were compared; the sucrose flotation technique was found to(More)