Anna M Lydick

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Calcium-based minerals have consistently been shown to stimulate osteoblastic behavior in vitro and in vivo. Thus, use of such minerals in biomaterial applications has become an effective method to enhance bone tissue engineered constructs. In the present study, for the first time, human bone marrow stromal cells (hBMSC) were osteogenically differentiated(More)
BACKGROUND Hemi-craniectomy is a common surgical procedure which allows the brain to swell and herniate and is often utilized to treat traumatic brain injury. When left untreated the scalp skin typically sinks on the side of the craniectomy creating a phenotype termed "sinking skin flap syndrome." In addition, these same patients often develop long-term(More)
BACKGROUND Craniosynostosis surgery is associated with large volume blood loss and the need for blood transfusion. Recently, the use of tranexamic acid (TXA) has been demonstrated to be helpful in reducing perioperative blood loss in many pediatric procedures. This study used a low-dose pharmacokinetic TXA dosing protocol and assessed its ability to limit(More)
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