Anna M Kietrys

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Human ribonuclease Dicer is an enzyme that excises small regulatory RNAs from perfectly or partially double-stranded RNA precursors. Although Dicer substrates and products have already been quite well characterized, our knowledge about cellular factors regulating the activity of this enzyme is still limited. To learn more about this problem, we attempted to(More)
A growing number of nucleobase modifications in messenger RNA have been revealed through advances in detection and RNA sequencing. Although some of the biochemical pathways that involve modified bases have been identified, research into the world of RNA modification - the epitranscriptome - is still in an early phase. A variety of chemical tools are being(More)
A ribosome undergoes significant conformational changes during elongation of polypeptide chain that are correlated with structural changes of rRNAs. We tested nine different antisense oligodeoxynucleotides complementary to the selected, highly conserved sequences of Lupinus luteus 26S rRNA that are engaged in the interactions with tRNA molecules. The(More)
Nanometer-sized fragments of carbon in the form of multilayer graphene ("carbon dots") have been under highly active study for applications in imaging. While offering advantages of low toxicity and photostability, such nanomaterials are inhomogeneous and have limited wavelengths of emission. Here we address these issues by assembling luminescent aromatic(More)
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