Anna M. G. Cunningham

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OBJECTIVES To explore the occurrence and reasons for stopping, switching or continuing first prescribed interferon-beta therapy in patients with multiple sclerosis in Sweden, with respect to demographic, clinical and/or therapy-related factors. MATERIALS AND METHODS A retrospective study reviewing the medical charts of 259 patients with multiple(More)
The permanently ice-covered lakes of the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica are distinctive ecosystems that consist strictly of microbial communities. In this study, water samples were collected from Lake Vanda, a stratified Dry Valley lake whose upper waters (from just below the ice cover to nearly 60 m) are highly oligotrophic, and used to establish(More)
The expansion of the ischemic core into surrounding penumbral tissue has prompted researchers to finds ways to limit this progression in hopes of providing better outcomes for patients suffering from stroke. Current therapeutic strategies are limited, and new therapies that can be delivered at late time-points are needed. Zn 2+ has been well documented to(More)
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