Anna M Birkenbach

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The claim that nature delivers health benefits rests on a thin empirical evidence base. Even less evidence exists on how specific conservation policies affect multiple health outcomes. We address these gaps in knowledge by combining municipal-level panel data on diseases, public health services, climatic factors, demographics, conservation policies, and(More)
Almost all U.S. hospitals procure their equipment through group purchasing organizations ("GPOs"). Some hospitals subject the prices secured by GPOs to a second round of competition in an "aftermarket," in which vendors both on and off the GPO contract compete for the hospital's business. To measure the extent of the potential benefit to hospitals from(More)
In total knee arthroplasty (TKA), intramedullary guides are often used for aligning the distal femoral cutting block. Because of the highly varying angles between the mechanical axis and the anatomical femoral axis (AMA), different valgus pre-sets have been recommended. The present study investigated the optimal valgus pre-set (measuring the AMA in long-leg(More)
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