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No consensus has yet been reached regarding the optimal mesh for the repair of small ventral hernias. A composite polytetrafluoroethylene/polypropylene mesh (Ventralex®) is designed for this purpose, and this paper reports its use in a larger series of patients. Open repair for a small ventral hernia was undertaken in 152 patients between April 2006 and(More)
Increased vascular permeability was studied in the synovium of the rat's stifle joint following mechanical trauma and haemarthrosis. The abnormal permeability was detected by injecting colloidal carbon intravenously and examining the synovial vessels for intra-mural deposits of carbon. The effects of rotational and stretch injuries were minimal except when(More)
A better understanding of early cellular events following pulmonary injury may permit the identification of those patterns of response which are destined to progress to fibrosis. Interactions between inflammatory, fibroblastic and epithelial cells appear to play crucial roles in fibrogenesis. Intercellular communication may be via "messages" delivered by(More)