Anna Luchetta

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Active feedback stabilization of multiple independent resistive wall modes is experimentally demonstrated in a reversed-field pinch plasma. A reproducible simultaneous suppression of several nonresonant resistive wall modes is achieved. Coupling of different modes due to the limited number of the feedback coils is observed in agreement with theory. The(More)
Stable operation with control on magnetohydrodynamic modes has been obtained in the modified reversed field experiment employing a set of 192 feedback controlled saddle coils. Improvements of plasma temperature, confinement (twofold), and pulse length (threefold) and, as a consequence of the magnetic fluctuation reduction, strong mitigation of plasma-wall(More)
Optimization of machine operation, including plasma position control, density control and especially feedback control on multiple magnetohydrodynamic modes, has led RFX-mod to operate reliably at 1.5 MA, the highest current ever achieved on a reversed field pinch (RFP). At high current and low density the magnetic topology spontaneously self-organizes in an(More)
Production and remineralization of carbon in the Eurasian sector have been estimated based on a combined data set of the Oden—91 and Polarstern—93 (ARK IX—4) expeditions. This sector includes the deep Nansen and Amundsen Basins and their linked shelf seas, i.e., the Barents, Kara, and Laptev Seas. The water masses in this region are composed of Atlantic(More)
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